Students Cohorts

38th cohort

Economic Sociology and Labour Studies

Cartagini Davide (University of Milan)
Gaukel Hanne (University of Milan)
Prelle Ginevra (University of Milan - Collegio Carlo Alberto)
van Herwijnen Nigel (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Joint supervision)
Venturini Marco (University of Milan - Université Sorbonne - Joint supervision)

Political Studies

Colombo Arianna (University of Pavia)
De Tommaso Celestina Valeria (University of Milan)
Elovits Tal Yehezkel (University of Milan)
Funari Paolo (University of Milan- Fondazione Feltrinelli)
Landoni Edoardo Maria (University of Pavia)
Taddia Iacopo (University of Milan)
Vinelli Anna Ludovica (University of Milan)

Sociology and Methodology of Social Research

Castre Giovanni (University of Turin)
Giuffre' Luca (University of Turin)
Lenoir Theophile (University of Turin)
Martini Chiara (University of Milan)
Nicolazzi Marta Maria (University of Milan)
Rabio Alia (University of Milan)

PhD Programmes


Other Training Activities

Latest News

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POLS IR Seminar - David Haglund -16/04/2024

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SOMET Seminar - Attila Bruni - 22/04/24

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IIS - Merril Silverstein - 15/03/2024

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Seminar - Mike Farjam - 12/03/2024

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Seminar - Cathie Jo Martin - 5/03/2024

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ESOL IS - Christopher McCarty - 12/02/2024

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POLS IS - Jessica Di…

POLS IS - Jessica Di Salvatore - 13/02/2024

 POLS Seminars Series   Do Military Interventions Har...

SOMET Seminar - Sabi…

SOMET Seminar - Sabina Andron -- 9/02/24

The NASP PhD program in Sociology and Methodology of Social Resea...

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