3rd NASP International Workshop on Conflicts and Institutions - Genoa, 26/6/18

NASP, in cooperation with the Department of Political Science of the University of Genoa, is pleased to announce the

3rd NASP International Workshop on Conflicts and Institutions

26 June 2018
Aula Mazzini
University of Genoa
Via Balbi, 5 - Genoa


The dramatic events and emergencies in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and North Africa region show us the need of understanding how the domestic institutions can influence violent conflicts and, conversely, how, these conflicts can affect the domestic institutions. The last two years the University of Genoa, in cooperation with NASP, organized the conference "Conflicts & Institutions: Research, Projects and Workshops" (2016, 2017). In continuity with those events also this year we have invited leading scholars in conflicts studies, democratization, peacebuilding and international security. The main goal of the workshop is still to specify the links and the connections between the ongoing crises and the current conflicts to examine the relation between institutions and conflicts. At the same time, the Project "Conflicts & Institutions" aims at creating a network of scholars able to elaborate common research projects and proposals.

The current project has been designed and coordinated by Giampiero Cama (University of Genoa), Andrea Ruggeri (University of Oxford), and Fabrizio Coticchia (University of Genoa).

The workshop is co-funded by the University of Genoa, the Department of Political Science (DISPO) and by NASP (Network for Advancement of Social and Political Studies). It gratefully acknowledges the fundamental support from the Compagnia di San Paolo.

Participants will have to circulate their papers by the 15th of June 2018.

The workshop will cover the costs of lodging (and the social dinner) for the paper-givers. Travel costs are not included.



June 25

7.30 pm  Meeting in front of the Hotel Best Western Metropoli
8.00 pm  Social dinner—Restaurant I Tre Merli

June 26 - Aula Mazzini, 3rd floor - Via Balbi 5, Genova

9.00  Registration

9.15  Welcome address
♦ Giampiero Cama, University of Genova

9.30  Keynote speech
♦ Sonia Lucarelli, University of Bologna
The EU as an actor of collective securitization? Exploring the concept, testing the Case 

10.30  Keynote speech
♦ James Fearon, Stanford University
The arms trade, international alignments, and international conflict 

11.30  Coffee break

11.45  I Panel—Conflicts and Institutions
Chair: Fabrizio Coticchia (University of Genova)

♦ Tine Gade, European University Institute
In-group policing and the non-occurrence of civil war: Lebanon and Jordan after 2011
Discussant: Silvia D'Amato, University of Florence

♦ Gloria Gennaro and Jessica Miranda, Bocconi University
Democratization and conflict: the role of uncertainty
Discussant: Vincenzo Bove, University of Warwick

♦ Matteo Colombo, University of Milan
Warlords on Twitter: Competing with the state among pro-government militias in Syria
Discussant: Andrea Ruggeri, University of Oxford

♦ Natalia Tellidou, European University Institute
Neoclassical realism and proxy wars. The cases of Syria and Yemen
Discussant: Stefano Costalli, University of Florence

13.30  Lunch buffet

14.30  II Panel—Conflicts and Institutions
Chair: Marar Morini, University of Genova

♦ Akisato Suzuki, European University Institute
Why citizens let their leaders engage in armed conflict: A rationalist explanation
Discussant: James Fearon, Stanford University

♦ Vanessa Meier, Oxford University
For better or worse? Third-party intervention and civilian victimisation
Discussant: Francesco N. Moro, University of Bologna

♦ Francesca Cerutti, University of Milan
Measuring the effectiveness of security institutions and tracing its determinants: The biological weapons non-proliferation regime
Discussant: Duncan Snidal, University of Oxford

♦ Marina Petrova, Essex University
Water or gasoline? Civil society in contentious scenarios
Discussant: Sonia Lucarelli, University of Bologna 

15.45  Coffee Break

16.00  Keynote speech
♦ Duncan Snidal, University of Oxford
The supply of informal international governance with an application to the proliferation security initiative 

17.00  Concluding remarks 



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