Spring & Summer Schools

POLS-CCA Summer School - 20-22 June 2022


1st POLS-CCA Summer School 

Recurrent crises, novel and persistent challenges to contemporary polities in Europe


June 20-22, 2022
Collegio Carlo Alberto, 
Piazza Vincenzo Arbarello 8, Turin




Monday, June 20

11:00-11:15     Introduction (joint with NASP-CCA Days)
Diego Gambetta (Collegio Carlo Alberto) 

11:15-12:30    Keynote speech (joint with NASP-CCA Days)
                       Why and How to Study Social Norms                      
Cristina Bicchieri (University of Pennsylvania)

12:30-14:00    Lunch break

14.00-14.15    Introduction 1st POLS-CCA Summer School

14:15-16:00    Political conflicts and the role of civic education in contemporary democracies 
                       Krzysztof Krakowski (Collegio Carlo Alberto)

16:00-17:00   Free slot for individual meetings and discussions

17:00-18:30   Poster session (joint with CCA Days) and aperitif

Tuesday, June 21

10:00-11:45    The post-Great Recession Social Crisis in Europe. Challenges and Policy Responses 
                       Marcello Natili (University of Milan)

11:45-12:00    Coffee break

12:00-12.30    Free slot for individual meetings and discussions

12:30-14:00    Lunch break

14:00-15:45    Migration: challenges to democratic politics and governance 
                       Tiziana Caponio (University of Turin and Collegio Carlo Alberto)

15:45-16:00    Coffee break

16:00-17:45    Public attitudes towards European solidarity in the midst of the "polycrisis" 
                       Alessandro Pellegata (University of Milan)

Wednesday, June 22

10:00-11:45    Political polarization: biased voters and the challenges of motivated reasoning 
                       Davide Morisi (Collegio Carlo Alberto)

11:45-12:30    Free slot for individual meetings and discussions

12:30-14:00    Lunch break

14:00-15:30    Is the populist momentum still going? Theoretical approaches and empirical evidence in                                          Europe
                         Giuliano Bobba and Moreno Mancosu (University of Turin and Collegio Carlo Alberto)

15:30-16:00    Coffee break

16:00-17:15    Keynote speech (joint with NASP-CCA Days)
Studying the Effects of a Generous Welfare Program for Disadvantaged Families 
                       Chiara Daniela Pronzato (University of Turin)

17:15-17:30    Closing speech (joint with NASP-CCA Days)
                       Gabriele Ballarino (University of Milan)


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