NASP-CCA Days - 4-5 June 2020

On line workshop

4 June 2020, h. 14.00-17.20
5 June 2020, h. 10.00-13.05
Zoom classroom

The workshop is jointly organized by the Ph.D. programs in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies (ESLS) and Political Studies (POLS), together with the Collegio Carlo Alberto. Its aim is twofold. On the one hand, it offers NASP students an opportunity of training on the frontier of methods in social and political sciences. Starting from their recent works, the Collegio Carlo Alberto's scholars will present students with some of these methods, including experimental and quasi-experimental approaches, process tracing, hidden population estimation, content analysis, observational data analysis with multi-level models.
On the other hand, the workshop is also an opportunity to introduce NASP students and the members of the Collegio to each other, with the aim of deepening the scientific collaboration between the Collegio and NASP doctorates. For this purpose, six students (3 from Esls and 3 from Pols) will present their research projects, while other students attending the workshop will send an abstract of their project, which will be circulated among participants.


Thursday, June 4

14.00-14.25 Diego Gambetta (Collegio Carlo Alberto) and Gabriele Ballarino (University of Milan)

Session A. Students presentations
Chair: Aron Szekely (Collegio Carlo Alberto)

14.25-14.35 Productivity and Innovation in Italian Industrial Districts
                   Gian Maria Pessina (ESLS - 33rd cohort)
14.35–14.45 The Effect of Counter-stereotypical Role Models on Gender Stereotypes and Major Choice: A Field Experiment in
                   Milan High Schools

                   Elena De Gioannis (ESLS - 34th cohort)
14.45-14.55 The Impact of Power on Trust in Shaping Tax Morale: An Experimental Approach
                   Gian Luca Pasin (ESLS - 35th cohort)
14.55-15.10 Q&A
15.10-15.25 Mapping the Elite Network and Exploring the Adoption of Elitism as a Rhetorical Style on (Italian) Twitter
                   Margherita Bordignon (POLS - 34th cohort)
15.25-15.35 Using Twitter to Understand EU Politicization in the 2019 EP Election Campaign
                   Giovanni Pagano (POLS - 34th cohort)
15.35-15.40 I Am Radical, Right? Mapping and Understanding the European Radical Right Party Family Through Random

                   Francesco Piacentini (POLS - 34th cohort)
15.40–15.55 Q&A
15.55-16.05 Coffee break

Session B. Webinar
Chair: Roberto Pedersini (University of Milan)

16.05–17.05 Experiments in Social and Political Sciences
                   Davide Morisi, Aron Szekely, Davide Barrera (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
17.05-17.20 Q&A

Friday, June 5

Session C. Webinar
Chair: Francesco Zucchini (University of Milan)

10.00-10.40 Quasi-experimental Approaches
                   Camilla Borgna, Krzysztof Krakowski (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
10.40-10.50 Q&A
10.50-11.30 Observational Data Analysis with Multi-level Models
                   Tiziana Nazio, Marco Tosi (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
11.30-11.40 Q&A
11.40-11.50 Coffee break
11.50-12.10 Content Analysis for Social and Political Sciences
                   Giuliano Bobba (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
12.10-12.30 Process Tracing for Policies
                   Tiziana Caponio (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
12.30–12.50 Mapping Hidden Populations
                   Filippo Barbera, Tania Parisi (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
12.50-13.05 Q&A


For information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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