BBS - Jonathan Floyd - 14/12/2022



Brown Bag Seminars of Political Philosophy
Seminar series

Jonathan Floyd (University of Bristol)
Public Political Philosophy in theory and practice

Chair: Davide Saracino (NASP-POLS 37th cohort)
Discussant: Ilkin Huseynli (NASP-POLS 36th cohort)

14 DECEMBER 2022, h. 11.00

Seminar Room
Department of Social and Political Sciences
Via Passione 13, Milano

Public political philosophy is increasingly encouraged yet little understood. This is ironic, given our professional attachment to conceptual clarity, but also important, given the risks involved with getting it wrong. Here I start to remedy that situation by (1) defining it, (2) mapping out the dangers it needs to avoid, and (3) providing general guidance for future endeavours. In all of this, I argue, judgement and balance are central. Our public work should draw on our professional work without occluding it; should avoid both excessive conservatism and excessive radicalism; and should be mindful of the dangers posed by both illiberal authoritarianism, on the one hand, and so-called 'liberal cancel culture' on the other. If public political philosophers are to succeed with 'PPP' in the age of 'post-truth', 'populism', and 'polarisation', they will need to watch their backs, and words, very carefully indeed.

For information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
This seminar is part of the Brown Bag Seminar Series 2022.



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