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NaspRead for Milan Digital Week 2021, the webmagazine from the world of Social and Political Sciences, will participate in the Milan Digital Week 2021 for a fairer and more sustainable city.

City rhymes with possibility. You move to study, to work, to improve your social condition. However, the metropolis does not offer the same opportunities to everyone: it matters where you start from, what you can do, where you want to go. Count your accent, your passport. How much do you believe in it. If you are a man or a woman. A gap that already arises between school desks, but not unbridgeable.

We will talk about it with Gabriele Ballarino and Nazareno Panichella, professors of economic sociology at the University of Milan and with Camilla Gaiaschi, sociologist and from next April Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Lausanne.

You are all invited on Friday 19 March from 4.45 pm to the event "Moving to promote. School, migration, gender, social mobility": here is the link to follow our live streaming. Attached, the poster of the conference if you want to help us involve more people.

We hope many of you will come!

Francesco Zucchini - Director and Giulia Riva - Editorial Assistant