International&Interdisciplinary Seminars Series 2015-2016

NASP International and Interdisciplinary Seminars Series 2015-2016

h. 14.30, Room A
NASP Graduate School
Via Pace, 10 - Milan

8 OCTOBER 2015
Prof. Jay A. Mancini (University of Georgea)
Family stress, coping, and resilience

22 JANUARY 2016
Prof. Robert C. Kloosterman (University of Amsterdam)
(Super-)Diverse Migrants - Similar Trajectories? Ghanaian Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands Seen from a Mixed Embeddedness Perspective

15 APRIL 2016
Prof. Donald J. Treiman (California Center for Population Research, UCLA)
The Consequences of Political Class Background (Jiating Chushen) in the People's Republic of China

29 APRIL 2016
Prof. Fabrizio Gilardi (University of Zurigh)
The Diffusion of Policy Perceptions: Evidence from a Structural Topic Model

13 MAY 2016
Prof. Dominique Joye (University of Lausanne)
Social positions and social capitals in Switzerland

Prof. Robert H. Bates (Harvard University)
Using the Past to Understand the Present: Medieval History and Contemporary Development


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