Departments & Research Centres

Departments & Research Centres

NASP is a network of departments and research centres based at seven universities in Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria:



Each Department is part of one of the three sub-networks that correspond to different disciplinary areas of studies and that are involved in the three PhD programmes provided at NASP:

Economic Sociology and
Labour Studies (ESLS)

Political Studies (POLS)

Sociology and Methodology
of Social Research (SOMET)

University of Brescia

University of Milan

University of Eastern Piedmont

ASERI (until 30th cohort)
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

University of Genova

University of Milan

University of Pavia 

University of Milan

University of Turin



The SPS of the University of Milan is also the administrative headquarters of the joint PhD programmes. From A.Y. 2017/2018 the administrative headquarter of SOMET is established at the University of Turin.

Each PhD programme is based on an agreement between the Universities of each sub-network. 

It is possible to download the agreements for the 29th cohort of PhD programmes below: 

- ESLS 29th Cohort

- POLS 29th Cohort

- SOMET 29th Cohort


It is possible to download the agreements for the 30th cohort of PhD programmes below:


- ESLS 30th Cohort

- POLS 30th Cohort

- SOMET 30th Cohort



Three research centres based at the University of Milan collaborate with NASP: 



Several NASP training and research activities are organized in cooperation with other training and research institutions in Milan and Turin:

PhD Programmes


Other Training Activities

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